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List of ongoing projects and initiatives dedicated to the development of psychological flexibility. in accordance with the main objectives of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


I started this online resource of helpful videos and worksheets back in 2017 to support those I worked with in between session.  In 2020, with the increase for support from my community, I opened this resource to the public. 


Book written based on common themes seen in practice to address the challenges faced both by the person dealing with a chronic illness and those who find themselves in a supportive role.  


One of the several ways I try to practice what I preach is in taking time weekly to work on wood crafting projects, from cutting boards and cup holders to larger pieces of furniture. 



Local group which meets once a month to practice the six processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  Based on the Portland Model, but modified to meet the needs of the Providence community and its clinicians.  

Image by Nils Huenerfuerst

Initiative designed to address difficulties in accessing mental health services by connecting clinical mental health interns with those who are in need in a timely, lower cost option.


And, life would not be complete without some form of the arts (and another self-care activity) which for me is dance and music.  This little project combines community and music. 

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