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Having a corporate background in my work history and being part of building health and wellness programs has supplied me with a set of skills needed to build a thriving private practice.  I learned also from some of the best practitioners and tested new approaches and ideas along the way.  

Since learning all this and using the concepts and skills effectively, I have also been able to pass this vital information along to fellow clinicians having helped dozens over the years either target one aspect of their business, or in some cases, helping someone build their plan from scratch.

I would be happy to pass the essentials of this along to you and help you build a private practice that meets your unique needs.


Having a Plan

No matter what you decide you would like to do, my goal is to help you develop and crystalize a plan.  Whether you are fully invested in a private practice, want a hybrid model, want to practice a little on the side, or would like a transition timeline to move to your ultimate goal, that is what I will work with you to accomplish.

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