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Practical, simple, follow along mindfulness practice sessions. Some with more a focus on the practicing, other which focus on the "how to" and other important concepts to consider.

These are just an example of the most often utilized and viewed exercises on my Youtube channel. 

You can find the full list here

6 Minute Body Scan Exercise

A 6 Minute Body Scan with both audio and visual prompts and soft background music. This can be both viewed or just listened to in order to support your mindfulness practice.

Simple Mindfulness Exercises For Beginners

This Monday Morning Mindfulness series is a set of simple mindfulness exercises for beginners or for anyone wanting to try to strengthen their practice with a simple 3-5 minute long exercise followed by a quick discussion of what to expect, what might be experienced, and how to add this skill to your day.

Getting In Contact With The Observing Mind

Quick exercise to help you in getting in contact with the observing mind. Follow along as Todd Schmenk narrates a common metaphor within a mindfulness grounding practice being sure to sit afterwards and allow the concept to sink in.

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