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10+ years in working with anxiety and depression, looking more at the underlying concepts and processes that contribute to this type of experience versus the content or labels/diagnosis of the events.

Chronic Health

Since involvement at the Cleveland Clinic as a patient educator, the experience over the years has made this one of Todd's most specialized focuses with an emphasis on cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Couples Communication

Part of Todd's initial training in clinical counseling was in his interest in couples behavioral and communication patterns, which are the focus of his approach delivered within an ACT and integral frame.


Todd has been delivering a wide variety of presentations over the last two decades with high marks for their delivery and interactive nature. His belief that academic materials can be entertaining is apparent.  

ACT Supervision

Todd has been in a supervisory role since 2013 where his experiences and training have narrowed his approach to a focus on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in action. 

ACT Consultation

Todd offers consultations for integrating ACT processes into clinical practice regardless of the initial orientation, allowing for easy adaption of interventions to what a practitioner already has available.

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