The Team Positive approach was written to address two big questions:

How to cope with a health condition such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Crohn's Disease or any other difficult health or mental health condition and

How to build and provide compassionate support whether it is you or a loved one that is dealing with such a condition.


Inside you will discover:

  • The healing power of a team

  • Building a pyramid of support

  • Ways to manage your energy

  • How to deal with personal barriers

  • Coping skills that address distress

  • What to do & What NOT to do

Amazon Reviews:

Words can't express how this remarkable book has helped me thru my Cancer Journey. I learned to take One Day at a Time. Also to practice Gratitude, even though it may be very hard to do, when you have Cancer. I realized how grateful I am to my doctors and my Team Positive consisting of family and friends. They told me, I am Brave even when I didn't feel like it. I was Strong even when I didn't realize it. Most important was knowing that through it all, I was not Alone.  

I initially read this book to better understand what a loved one was probably going through and to learn how I could better help them, but to my surprise, the Team Positive Checklist featured in the book has proven itself helpful to my personal life as well.

Todd's book opened up a path and helped my whole family navigate our journey. It addresses a multitude of concerns that arise when a family member is in crisis. It helped me to be there for my mom and for myself.


This is a great resource on not only creating coping skills for a person going through a difficult illness, but also for all of the people around them and supporting them. There were some amazingly useful tools to help maintain focus on energy on not only helping with the main concern, but also continuing to live the rest of your day-to-day life. I look forward to sharing this book with friends that may go through similar troubles in the future.

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