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Urgent Care for 
Your Mental Health

Focused, Urgent, and Brief Counseling 

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The gap in Mental Health Care

Addressing the Gap

If you have been looking for Mental Health services, you, like most Americans, have most likely found it quite difficult to access care. 


It takes forever to find someone taking new clients and when you do, there is usually a long wait time.  On top of this, many are faced with having to go out of network, the therapist does not take your insurance, or there is a high deductible or copay making it unaffordable.

Our Solution

ACT Urgently is our solution to help address this gap.  


Using Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (fACT) as our main approach to therapy enables us to offer brief (less than 30-45 minute sessions), affordable ($35-60/session) and effective outpatient, individualized, psychological care with positive results typically occurring within 1-3 sessions. 

Our Treatment Focus

We help those dealing with 

  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Social Anxiety

  • Chronic Pain, Cancer

  • Depression/Procrastination

  • Relationship Challenges

become more open, aware, and engaged based on their inner strengths.  We achieve this with an evidenced based approach, listening to your concerns, and customizing a actionable plan with you in a safe, neutral space. 

If you are dealing with a severe mental health challenge, such as planning suicide or drug overuse, you will need to go to your local emergency room or dial 911.  

Do I Have A Mental Health Problem?

Our Process

We promise to be there for you and to help you get through the immediate challenge by:

  • Pinpointing places where you tend to get stuck 

  • Show you ways to experience thoughts, physical feelings, and emotions in more flexible ways that reduce the negative behaviors they often lead to

  • ​Helping you find what matters most based upon your personal values so that you can discover actions you can take to become "unstuck"

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