Below is a selection of the most common and most useful concepts that have been used in dealing with a wide range of effects associated with dealing with a difficult thoughts and emotions of a health condition.  They are useful to both the person with the diagnosis and those who find themselves in a support role.  For a complete listing of all the video topics, be sure to visit 

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Support For Caregivers 

Join Todd Schmenk as he walks through to build support for caregivers of cancer patients (or any other chronic illness). A look at some common questions and concerns are covered along with some suggestions for how best to either build your own team or build a team for someone you love.

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The 5,4,3,2,1 Method

An easy to use approach to decreasing emotional distress, anytime anywhere. This mindfulness technique helps you to become more present to the current moment.

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Cognitive Fusion And Diffusion 

A quick overview of cognitive fusion and diffusion and how knowing this is useful in developing psychological flexibility. This is one of the three primary approached utilized by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in being able to increase skills that lead to greater psychological flexibility.