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Rhode Island ACT

The Providence Model: an ACT Practice Group

Hey All, there is an ongoing group that has come together to help foster greater competence and confidence utilizing the Acceptance and Commitment Therapeutic Approach.


Take a look at the two main objectives and respond to this post if you are interested in being part of this group.

RI ACT Practice Group Overview

Purposes of the ACT Peer Consultation Group

1. To provide ongoing didactic and experiential training in the competent use of ACT with a variety of clinical problems.


Certain group members may serve as the senior content experts; however, as participants in the consultation group attend and participate over time, they will be expected to actively present material to others (the see one, do one, teach one model) and take responsibility for the direction of the group.


Group members also commit to outside learning in the form of reading books, intentional practice, attending trainings, and/or joining the ACT listserv, as it is impossible to cover every aspect of the model in a two hour monthly meeting.


2. To provide consultation to individuals who are working to apply ACT in their clinical work. This group is for people who are actively using ACT in their clinical work and want to improve their application of ACT principles.


Consultation may involve case conceptualization, practicing experiential exercises, role-plays, or discussion of whether ACT is appropriate for a given patient or presenting problem.


If your interested in joining this group you can message me through the contact page or send me a text (or call) me at 401-384-0701

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