• Todd Schmenk

Uncovering Your Core Values & Why They Are Important

In order to thrive and not just survive, we need to have a base understanding of our core values, or prime values (in that they cannot be boiled down any further. We need to understand core values in order to feel more confident, to have a direction.

In this video series, Uncovering your core values, I will take you on a journey to look at what personal values are, why we need them, how to discover your core values, and what to do with these personal values in order to live a meaningful life and ensure continued personal growth.

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You can also refer back to another video that offers a simple way to detect your values so that you can begin to make choices based upon them. You might think you know them, but often this is not the case. The values you understand are broad, adopted, and then adapted. They are rarely and concisely detected. This video will show you how.

Finally, there is a worksheet available here. Simple download and follow the instructions to begin to truly become clear on what your personal values truly are so that you can find a way forward, your way forward, that truly matters in the moment and in the long run.



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