• Todd Schmenk

Trends and Tools in Dealing with a Chronic Illness (like Covid-19)

This video series is something I had been hoping to do for awhile, but with the increase in session time, I am just now beginning to come up with an approach I think will be simple to use, follows a format that will be easy to remember, and will make sure that there are three important, but simple tools to put into place to help during a challenging time.

This video was the original video and gives you a basic understanding of what the series will be like. A special thanks to those who e-mailed me or commented on the video. This is important in helping me determine how to make them better in the future. It focused on some of the most recent trends I saw, both personally and professionally, and hit on three topics and tools to support you during this challenging time.

Be sure to check out future support videos as I think this easy to engage format is a keeper!


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