Being Team Positive

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Due out Fall 2019

Being Team Positive is an educational and support program designed to give you and those involved the framework and tools to expand everyone's capacities and perspectives. When used these approaches have been found to ensure greater resilience during an incredibly challenging time. The main concepts you will learn about are the following:

The Pyramid of Support - a basic understanding of the structure of support not only for the person with the affliction but for the main caretakers as well.

The Four Main Life Engagement Areas - a simple way to ensure a balanced approach to living while managing one’s physical, mental and emotional energy.

The Prime Values Map - designed to help identify what truly matters in such a challenging situation and provide both direction and motivation.

Coping Skills - there are dozens of concepts, some brief and others more robust, that are included in helping address various forms of distress and uncertainty.

Communication Guidelines - different considerations and explanations for how to engage with team members to increase compassionate support.

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