• Todd Schmenk

20 Minute Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness is one of the main tools that I use within my practice in helping individuals develop and strengthen the ability to objectify or "see" their thoughts. This exercise is a good introduction to a longer mindfulness session which moves thru three different tools, the grounding exercise, the body scan, and the breath exercise.

You will notice in listening to this how there is much emphasis on bringing your attention back the variety of objects.  This ability to notice when your mind has wandered is one of the essential reasons to commit to such a practice, since in developing this skill, you will be able to notice when you are in a discussion or confrontation, what your mind does and where it goes.

When you can notice such an occurrence, you then become free to CHOOSE how you wish to act versus falling back on automatic behaviors.

Get the exercise here:  Mindfulness Exercise 20 Minutes

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