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This podcast is for anyone who’s dealing with a major medical diagnosis and the loved ones and professionals who will support them. Think Cancer, Diabetes, Covid-19, and even newly diagnosed mental health issues like Bipolar or Anxiety disorders.

It's a resource that unpacks and pulls together sensible information and tools from many different disciplines and approaches to therapy, support, and communication, while keeping it friendly and accessible. It is especially useful when first receiving the news of a life-changing condition.



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Join Todd for a variety of mental health topics related to chronic illness, anxiety, and depression issues as he shares what he has observed works best, answers questions from his followers, and gives overviews of themes he sees occurring in the scope of his practice, profession, and life.

The "Wellness Talks" podcast presents audio versions of the most useful, compelling, and effective tools and concepts used within Todd Schmenk's mental health counseling practice.

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