Team Positive Online Community

This site is the official online community as well as a resource to assist you in your quest by offering ongoing support. 


Please be sure to go to the discussion board to find articles and posts relative to your needs or add a question in the discussion board to have your specific needs addressed.


Below you will find a growing number of videos and worksheets along with links to bonus materials and other examples that did not make the final cut of the book.

All intended to provide further aid to your team’s efforts.

Being Team Positive is committed to a single goal:   

Provide readers with a resource that supports their efforts and increases psychological flexibility

as they find new ways to work together navigating a life-changing diagnosis.

This approach has been found to be useful for a wide range of situations, from a life-threatening illness like cancer or heart disease, a chronic condition like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or Crohn's Disease, and even end of life challenges like dementia.  Basically, anywhere a health issue disrupts the daily balance of life and where a support system is now required. 

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